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Skavi Ballinas is a first-generation college student studying Mechanical
Engineering at the City College of New York. Being born in a place like New York, she
has grown to appreciate different cultures and backgrounds. It has also has inspired her
to believe the sky is the limit.

She is part of the Grove School of Engineering. Mostly associated with the
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Society of Woman Engineers. Their
goal is to introduce higher education to minorities and women particularly in the STEM
fields. Being the first one in her family to go to college she related to the members in the
associations and assisted lower-class students into paths that would benefit their

She was part of Invention Corps, an association that introduced her to the
concept of design thinking. Through her experience in Invention Corps she was
introduced to the University Innovation Fellowship. Her goal is to be able to incorporate
both methodologies into her life in order to inspire the newer generation with the never-
ending innovations created with technology and brain power.