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Shantanu Sinha is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying ABES Engineering College.A quick-witted yet smart decision makers are the few words to describe such an exceptional talent. This became evident during my interaction with him while he preparing for his internship at Venturesity, Bangalore as an Algorithmic Problems Setter Intern, when he asked for my assistance to apply there.He has always been a critical thinker who takes an unusual path. He is a part of the oldest running Technical Club, ABES Technovation and although being in 2ndYear (last semester), he always took the lead to solve the problems that ranged from pre-planning to onsite-issues. His energy and enthusiasm induced his fellow students and inspired his juniors to process their thoughts in their own creative ways.

                                    He is also an efficient programmer which can be recognized from his remarkable performances in the programming contests such as CodeChef Long Challenge, CodeChef CookOff. CodeForces Div 2 Contest, etc., in which he consistently stands amongst top 3 in this institution and a reputable rank Worldwide. Being a part of the CodeChef ABESEC Campus Chapter Club, he has always been the inspiring figure for his juniors as he, instead of directing them to learn a given concept, makes them understand “how to learn learning”. He is a selfless person who has been frequently seen to dedicate insane amount of time helping his fellow.

                           He never takes his criticism negatively, as we all have seen, he believes that there doesn’t exist an “ideal” form of anything in this Universe, it’s just the individual’s perception, which should not overcast his or her scope of improvement and to reach higher states of human consciousness.

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