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Academy of Business and Engineering Sciences (ABES) was established in 2000 with MCA, B.Tech. in CS, IT and EC. The institute was approved by AICTE and was affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University. Institute's campus, spread over 15.2 acres (62,000 m2), is situated at Lal Kuan, Delhi-Hapur bypass Road, NH-24, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The student bodies organize various annual cultural events like GENERO, Freshers, Diwali celebrations, Farewell, UTSAAH etc. An annual inter-collegiate technical cum cultural event is also organized where students from other colleges across the NCR and the state are invited Coming soon: Your Video (Session 5)

Strategy #1 Interaction among batches

Tactic #1

  • Creating an Orientation program for the upcoming batch
  • Any interested senior /faculty may apply to act as a tour guide for the group of first years and introduce them to various resources which we identified in our landscape canvas

Tactic #2

  • Estb. of SIGs(Special Interest Groups)
  • Establish a system for commissioning of various SIGs in each semester.
  • SIGs will be accessible to every student of the college , no matter their majors

Strategy #2 Introduction to a Maker's mindset

Makerspace(Awareness about prototyping)

  • Use Google Classrooms to provide a weekly topic for prototyping
  • If possible , each class should have a weekly session at the makerspace regarding the topic
  • Currently, students who are interested in entrepreneurship have to be a part of CARE and are only allowed to use it once their product is out of prototyping stage , A makerspace is needed, as we can motivate the students to create prototypes on a regular basis .

Strategy #3 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Various SIGs (Special Interest Groups) established in Phase 0 (Strategy #0) will have matured enough to host I&E related events in their respective interest areas.
  • The already emerging Leaders will have a chance to bootstrap this whole process from the grassroot level by organizing intra college events which further advertise about the I&E ecosystem.

Strategy #4 Networking / Spin Out

  • To combat the complete lack of Spin Out related activities , we want the new Leadership Circle to venture outwards and create a network based on their interests and thus bridge the current gap.
  • Opportunity to connect with people outside the campus , by attending various meetups & Events (Hackathons)
  • Provide incentives to students for attending such events and sharing their experience.

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