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Shanta Thoutam is a University Innovation Fellow from the Spring 2015 cohort. Shanta accomplished BTech in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from India (Gold medalist for exhibiting outstanding academic performance throughout the program) and MS in Electrical Engineering from NMSU. After graduation in 2004, she went to work for 5+ years as Analog IC Designer at Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Austin, Texas. Real-time industry work experience taught her to excel as an individual contributor taking challenging tasks to execute on a timely and efficient manner.

After acquiring real-time work experience, her desire to improve the performance of analog circuits has kindled a quest to pursue PhD in design of Low Dropout Regulators. During the first semester of PhD program, she had an opportunity to volunteer at Arrowhead Center, NMSU's primary economic development arm. After serving for a semester, she was offered a position titled Commercialization Analyst to assess the commercial potential of 20+ inventions with responsibilities include research and assess market and value chain metrics, prior art, and competitive products, consult experts in field, companies in industry, and end users, identify and suggest specific commercialization paths. For a semester, she worked as an Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN) intern with Sun Mountain Capital, a private equity and venture capital investment firm, to identify and complete due diligence for high-potential businesses or technologies in southern New Mexico and El Paso regions. The following years, she took on the role of Program Manager for Launch proof of concept program and increased the program participation by 50% every year. Also, she gained experience in business analysis, business consulting, and program management across industries including High-tech to Social Entrepreneurship. Having a strong focus on business and technology, she has been playing a key role in bridging the gap between NMSU campus and market by successfully advancing technologies to business development settings. In 2012, she took part in Camino Real Venture Competition (CRVC) and presented business plan on Algae based bio-diesel generation to VCs. Secured 3rd place and got a "Merit in Entrepreneurship Final Division" award.

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