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New Mexico State University (NMSU) is a comprehensive research, land-grant university excelling in teaching, research and public service that fuels the economy and prepares students to be productive citizens.


New Mexico State University is committed to advancing student involvement by creating spaces and organizations that advance and nurture the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the Aggie Innovation Space and Arrowhead Center, students have the opportunity to use their creativity coupled with available resources to take an idea from inception to a marketable prototype.


The Aggie Innovation Space (AIS), presented by Intel Corporation, is offered by the Engineering New Mexico Resource Network within the College of Engineering as a learning environment for all students, that invites innovation, ideation, creativity and entrepreneurship. AIS works to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by offering students rapid prototyping resources, such as 3D printers, electronics stations, programmable development boards, robotics kits, and necessary software, as well as a student mentoring program focused on helping students gain the extra skills needed to bring an idea into fruition.  

AIS recently started a mentoring program, allowing students who nurture the use of technology and encourage discovery to inspire and assist in student led projects. The space is equiped with 3D printers and engineering design tools to make the creative process come to life. In collaboration with Stuido G and Arrowhead Center, students can develop pathways to a new business startup. Learn more at

As part of Arrowhead Center, Studio G is the first business incubator dedicated to helping NMSU students and alumni kickstart their business ideas. As a member of Studio G, students receive guidance from the qualified commercialization staff and access to Arrowhead's Enterprise Advisors, a group of professionals, engineers, and developers that are availabe to help launch businesses. As well, students have access to workshops with great prototyping resources: 3D printers, 3D scanners, vinyl cutters, video conferencing, etc. Studio G also provides funding opportunities and awards exclusive to members, and great momentum to license technology and start a business. Learn more at

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New Mexico State University was one of 12 universities from across the country selected to take part in the National Science Foundation's first cohort of the Pathways to Innovation Program. The program is led by the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation, known as Epicenter, and was created to help universities incorporate entrepreneurship and innovation into undergraduate engineering education. The team of NMSU faculty and administrators has worked with Epicenter staff to design and implement a plan for the university to develop a successful model to integrate entrepreneurship into the curriculum. 


Faculty innovation can also be linked to the Arrowhead Center and Aggie Innovation Space at New Mexico State University. Faculty can be part of innovative/entrepreneural activity also on the Lauch program, in which they can transfer technologies from the university and the region to commercial markets. Both facilities have an advisory committe of faculty and staff committed to creating opportunities for student success and offering guidance and necesary resources and research. The faculty interested in innovation technology, business mentoring, market analysis, student access to investment networks, encourage student technology development and commercialization to occur, as well as advancemens in faculty and staff research initiatives around campus..

Faculty also have the choice of working on the 'Enterprise Research', where businesses seek the resources to help them grow. Faculty can help with business plans, marketing studies, feasibility studies, financial and indutry analyses, and other services.


Throughout NMSU there are no University Technology Transfer Offices or Technology Licensing Offices, which consist of hubs within universities where innovators and outside business leaders engage to commercialize inventions. However, these resources are made available through the Arrowhead Center and NMSU Career Services Offices.


Arrowhead Center was ceated by NMSU to be an engine for sustainable economic development, ultimately improving the quality of life for all New Mexicans. The Center is equipped to leverage innovation as an ongoing mechanism for promoting new business development and the job growth that goes with it. By collaboratively facilitating the creation of an innovation-driven-economy, the ability to convert ideas into marketable technologies, faster and better than the competition can be realized in an environment that students finde mentoring and guidance along the way. To accelerate the innovation economy, Arrowhead Center brokers the constant interplay between those in the market in search of solutions, innovative researchers, savvy entrepreneurs, eager students, educated employees, advanced facilities, and effective public/private partnerships.


New Mexico State University has partnerships with several companies for its students to increase technology development and innovation. NMSU Career Services offers Cooperative Education Programs (Co-Op), in which students combine classroom-based education with practical work experience; as well as internships during the summer. 


The essence of the University internships and Co-op Programs is a 'partnership effort where the student, the employer, and the University all participate on an equal basis in an effort to make the educational experience richer and more meaningful' (NMSU Career Services, 2014).

Some of the current partnerships New Mexico State University has include Cummins, Intel, Halliburton, Tyson, Urenco, Johnson & Johnson, Raytheon. These companies, as well as many others, offer students a wonderful opportunity to experience innovation and entrepreneurship outside the classroom.


New Mexico is committed to regional economic development by contributing to local community businesses through service and projects such as the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program, which assists small businesses in New Mexico with technical and/or business challenges by providing resources and assistance from lab scientists or engineers from the local National Labs. The Arrowhead Center, as a contractor for Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories brings the resources of New Mexico State University through their students and faculty to assist in technical and business challenges. This program emphasizes on areas of: 

  • Technology Readiness Level of Product/Technology (TRL)
  • Demonstration and Validation of Product/Technology
  • Product Usability Testing
  • Feasibility Demonstration of Business or Technical Aspects

Utilizing these resources, the local community encourages members to pursue business ideas and create economic growth for the state.



New Mexico State University Student Priorities


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