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Selin Yilmaz
School (Cohort)
Istanbul Technical University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Management Engineering


Selin Yilmaz was born in Istanbul and raised in Antalya. Completing her education till university in there, she started her higher education back in Istanbul. She is currently a junior student at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) studying Management Engineering.

Before starting her undergraduate degree, she studied in English preparation for one semester both to get to know people from different departments and to explore student clubs better. During the preparation and the following three semesters, she regularly attended Japanese and Korean lessons organized by the ITU Far East Studies Community, and had the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and languages. In the freshman year, she took an active role in ITU Management Engineering Club and took part in the kitchen of the 10th Information Technologies Summit and the 19th Management Sciences Congress. In her sophomore year, Selin took part in the organization and finance team of the “Layers” themed TEDxIstanbulTechnicalUniversity conference. Through the processes, she learned about student club dynamics and how tiring but also fun organizing an event is.

Selin is also a fellow in Fire-Up Changemakers Program, which aims to build a student community that will create change on campus, focusing on developing students’ entrepreneurship and social innovation skills, and introduced her to the University Innovation Fellows Program. Since March 2020, Selin has been working as an undergraduate research assistant in one of the European Commission's Knowledge Alliance projects called Boundary Spanners, which focusses on the role of boundary spanners in removing barriers of university-industry cooperation.

The courses and campus activities fueled her enthusiasm for project development and creating an impact for a sustainable future. It was eye-opening for Selin to learn stages of the product development and put it into practice, especially in the Management Engineering Design course and in ITU APIS R&D project team as a UAV member. Her research interests are artificial intelligence, product development, design thinking, and organizational behavior. She also rejoices in reading about archeology and history, listening to various genres, and trying different cuisines.


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