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Imperial School of Naval Engineering

Founded in 1773 with the name “Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun” (Imperial School of Naval Engineering) during the reign of Mustafa III, Istanbul Technical University is a prominent and pioneering university of engineering and architecture with many innovative studies in science, technology, research and development. İTÜ, as a university mainly composed of graduate engineering schools and research laboratories, works closely in collaboration with enterprises and other economic and social partners. Our university facilitates the knowledge and technology transfer to industries, management centers, briefly to all society. To do this, İTÜ has created many Techno-Science parks, incubation centers, entrepreneurship and innovation center, and technology transfer office. This way, İTÜ offers a favorable environment for students to build a successful career in their professions, to improve themselves, to seek internship opportunities, and to conduct research projects.


The purpose of existence for the Istanbul Technical University is to expand the borders of knowledge and its applications in science, technology and art for contributing to the sustainable community.


Istanbul Technical University’s vision is to become a leading, international university through its expertise and creativity in science, technology and art.


  • Education targeting change and improvement
  • Outcome-oriented, interdisciplinary research to be beneficial for society
  • Effective cooperation in international relations
  • Versatile, effective, and sustainable university-industry cooperation (UIC)
  • Strengthening the ITU perception in public; participatory and transparent governance and with increasing own revenue


Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Student Clubs

In Istanbul Technical University, there are 246 student clubs that collaborate with industry and organize various case studies, seminars, and competitions to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

Inspirational Events

TEDxIstanbulTechnicalUniversity: TEDx is an event carried out within TED in terms of content and concept, which was initiated to bring science, arts, and entertainment content organizations to a wider audience and to spread TED culture. TEDxITU student club organized this event for the first time in 2013 with the theme "Highlights" in order to keep the TED culture alive at ITU and to enable the voices of every person who has ideas worth sharing. After a 5-year hiatus, in 2018, the second event was organized with the theme "Layers", which is interpreted as "the process we build upon something or the hidden layers underneath the obvious shell –hidden causes-.".

Different Futures Summit: Different Futures Summit is organized by the ITU Alumni Association Club for 4 years. The summit aims to shed light on education life and career journey and to empower students to make a difference in and out of departments by bringing alumni and students together.

Information Technologies Summit: Information Technologies Summit is organized by the Management Engineering Society for 19 years. In the sessions, technology-focused issues are handled by relevant company representatives and leading names in the IT industry. Participating companies in the IT field find the opportunity to announce new information technology products, services, and human resources activities and to communicate with participants from within the sector. In the interactive section, it is aimed to increase the interaction of the participants with each other with various activities such as Speed-networking, Likemind, Coffee Time, and Cocktail hours.

Management Sciences Congress: Management Sciences Congress is organized by the Management Engineering Society for 21 years. Sessions cover the topics which are in Turkey and the world's focus and handled by the respective company representatives and leading names in the sector. In addition, the speakers inspire students who are planning their careers by sharing their work and life experiences with the participants.

Future Shapers: Future Shapers was organized by the IEEE Student Chapter and aimed to develop the participants' problem-solving skills by approaching global problems in a logical framework, developing teamwork and innovative solution generating skills. The event included panels, sessions, and case studies which are based on UNDP's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The final 2 projects determined by the jury of 3 entrepreneurs were sent for Region 8 evaluations.

Industrial Engineering Student Summit: The event is organized by the Industrial Engineering Society for 28 years. It consists of career events and panels. The main theme and sub-topics are determined each year according to new and developing technology trends. C-level managers from companies and successful panelists in fields such as arts and sports present their experiences from different sectors.

Plan Your Cross-Departmental Route: The event is organized by the Industrial Engineering Society aiming to introduce different departments. It is carried out in a panel format with managers working in the same department in different sectors, accompanied by a moderator.

Outliers: Outliers is organized by the Entrepreneurship Club for 3 years. The event is focused on people who have progressed with their own motivations as speakers, instead of stereotyped career plans.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Research Centers



ITU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Application and Research Center (GİNOVA) is founded in May 2014 to inspire entrepreneurship culture in ITU; encourage ITU students and faculties for taking initiative based on creativity and innovation, to provide them for finding necessary links for improving their skills and abilities; besides all these to research for expanding the limits of the knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship. The center aims to gather and augmenting people who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as increasing interactions between different departments. Being a meeting point for the students who study in different departments of the ITU, promoting them to generate ideas together, and bring them into action are other objectives of the center.

ITU Center for Social Innovation

ITU Center for Social Innovation

ITU Center for Social Innovation aims to generate novel and effective solutions in addition to innovative ideas for social, economic, and environmental issues by prioritizing social benefit. The Center targets carrying out multidisciplinary research and development projects in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders in order to develop solutions based on social innovation.

The objective of ITU Social Innovation Research and Application Center is to further enhance the innovation capacity of ITU while generating solutions for public problems by the joint effort of university-industry-public stakeholders via the use of ITU's well-established education and eminent research capacity enriched with ITU's vision of being a leading, international university through its expertise and creativity in science, technology, and art. ITU Social Innovation Research and Application Center intends to enable the active participation of ITU students to the projects and training activities developed for generating sustainable and effective solutions to social problems focusing particularly on process improvement, product and service innovation, social support, and public awareness issues.

ITU’s contributions to the nation’s socio-economic development will increasingly continue by cultivating its students-young engineers, researchers, architects, entrepreneurs, artists, and managers- to be not only competent and creative in science, technology, and arts but also sensitive towards the needs of the society from which they generate.

How to Workshops

ITU GİNOVA Tuesday Talks: The event is organized by ITU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (GİNOVA) and it aims to bring together inspiring speakers on entrepreneurship and ITU residents.

Entrepreneur Chats: The event was organized by the student chapter of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Entrepreneurs Network Turkey (ENET). It aimed to learn what entrepreneurship is, its difficulties, how individuals should follow it, by chatting with people with entrepreneurship spirit.

Failure Week: Failure Week was organized by the collaboration of ITU GİNOVA and ITU Entrepreneurship Club with the motto of "Ever tried ever failed no matter try again fail again fail better". In Failure Week, inspiring people, entertaining games, workshops, competitions, and failure stories met with the participants. Up to now, it has been prepared three times, and hopefully, the fourth one will be in March 2021.


Fire-Up Changemakers Program: Fire Up Changemakers is a program led by the collaboration of ITU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (GİNOVA) and Boğaziçi University Innovation Center (BRIGHT). The program aims to build a student community that creates change on campus, focusing on fostering entrepreneurship and social innovation capabilities of the students. Those who complete the missions successfully will be invited to individual interviews and 8 successful students (four from each university) will be nominated for the Stanford University Innovation Fellows Program. Fellowship requires completing other tasks including an internship at a prominent startup in Turkey, a capstone project, and mentorship for the following year’s fellow candidates and fellows.

Dijifikir / DigIdea: Dijifikir is an e-business idea competition organized by the Management Engineering Society that brings young entrepreneurs with investors and provides entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true.

Presentation Workshop and Presentation Competition / Elevator Pitch: This competition is organized by ITU GİNOVA to give students the ability to express their ideas easily in a short time and to improve their presentation skills. ITU students applying for the competition are trained in the pre-competition presentation workshop to express their ideas in a short time. After this training, a pre-selection is carried out and the students who pass the pre-selection are entitled to participate in the final. In the final, students are asked to present their business ideas by making a presentation in 90 seconds, and awards are given to the students who rank.

Startup Huddle Istanbul: Startup Huddle is an international program of the Global Entrepreneurship Network(GEN), which has 10 million members with 20,000 partners in 160 different countries. Startup Huddle events are organized only in the ITU GİNOVA in Turkey. Each month, one or two early-stage startups find the opportunity to make a presentation on the Startup Huddle and they can get feedback from other entrepreneurs, mentors, and participants. Each presentation takes 6 minutes and followed by 20 minutes of the feedback section. The aim of the program is to develop local entrepreneurs and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

UçArı / (The name of the competition is a pun which both means Uç Arı (Fly Bee) and Uçarı (Frivolous)): UçArı is a national case study competition organized by the Industrial Engineering Society which enables students to challenge themselves, develop their business skills, expand their knowledge of cultures and career opportunities through international education and internship opportunities.

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

İTÜNOVA Technology Transfer Office


İTÜNOVA Technology Transfer Office (TTO) offers academic studies and new technologies developed in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) to the benefit of the industry to meet their goals and help with the development of Turkey by adding value. Founded as the technology transfer interface of ITU, İTÜNOVA TTO aims to connect knowledge and industry for commercialization.

As a body to facilitate access to and generate and commercialize scientific and technological information, and support technology transfer and entrepreneurship, İTÜNOVA Teknoloji A.Ş. was established in February 2013 and was named İTÜNOVA TTO under the TÜBİTAK 1513 Program in January 2014. İTÜNOVA Teknoloji AŞ, the "Technology Transfer Office" of ITU, is particularly positioned as a "company" that expeditiously provides services in private sector standards in partnership with ITU Foundation and ITU ARI Technopolis.

The vision of ITUNOVA TTO is to increase the scientific and technological knowledge production capacity of ITU on an international level and commercialize the generated knowledge to the benefit of the society. Its mission is to enhance scientific and technological knowledge production capability through academy-industry collaboration and implement new technologies built on this knowledge, increase the radius of action for additional research making use of national and international funds, protect the resulting knowledge, and provide suitable platforms for entrepreneurs who will create this knowledge.

ITU Arı Teknokent

ITU Arı Technopolis

ITU ARI Teknokent aims to be a global technology development area by:

  • providing proper environment and opportunities to enable technology companies and entrepreneurs develop and commercialize technologies,
  • contributing technological development in Turkey and the success of generating entrepreneurial ideas, and
  • using ITU’s academic power to accomplish innovations rather than follow.

In order to leverage technology production in Turkey, ITU ARI Teknokent aims to:

  • be a hub for R&D and innovation activities in Turkey, particularly Istanbul, and
  • support, improve, and steer the synergy arising from ITU’s academic knowledge and R&D companies.

Active in ITU Ayazağa Campus, ITU ARI Teknokent has been founded on an area of 1,655,000 m2 with 10 buildings, enabling over 2800 successful R&D projects (148 of which patented) and $40 million exports to contribute to the national economy.

Today at ITU ARI Teknokent, more than 290 R&D companies have reached a total of $1 billion turnovers with over 7000 employees to develop more than 600 projects annually.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

ITU Career Summit: The summit is organized by ITU Career Center for 6 years. The summit enables ITU students to get detailed information about internship and career opportunities, to apply for positions suitable for their academic education and skills, and for companies to reach qualified human resources of the new age in a short time.

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts


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