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Sarah Kai
School (Cohort)
Sophia University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Japan/ USA


Sarah Kai is Japanese-Chinese-American third-year undergraduate student studying Economics in Sophia’s Program for Sustainable Futures (SPSF), an interdisciplinary program held in English educating students on sustainability. Though she studies Economics, she has been greatly interested in business, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Sarah embraces multicultural perspectives, as she was raised in multiple states in the USA ––California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Virginia, Utah –– and Japan while being educated in an international school, and have traveled around 10+ countries in the world (for fun)! Furthermore, outside of her studies, Sarah loves art and engaging in new cultures, which greatly stimulated her love for creativity and innovation.

As a 2023 Cohort, Sarah is excited to learn various methods of design thinking and innovation throughout her journey in UIF, and outputting her knowledge to create a great solution and an impact!


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