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School: KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum

What she does now: Pursuing Electronics and Communcation Engineering,Secretary at Rotaract club of GIT.

Email: sanjanamamdapur@gmail.com

Connect @:https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjana-mamdapur-824967187

Sanjana Mamdapur is a University Innovation Fellow and is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi,India.She completed her schooling and Pre-University from Belagavi itself,which is why the place is very close to her heart.Hence,she yearns to bring a positive change in the education system there.

She is a part of the Institute Innovation Council at her college,conducting activities to promote Innovation on campus.She has served as the Treasurer of Rotaract club of GIT in the year 2018-19, and is currently serving as the Secretary of the club.She loves organising events,taking the lead and making them successful.She has been the event chairman for projects of different avenues.She is an active Rotaractor and likes taking responsibility.She also believes that being a part of the club is giving her an opportunity to connect with the community and to give back to  the society.As part of the College Cultural teams- Literary and Drama,she has represented the college in various fests.Apart from taking active participation in college activities, she is focused on her academics ,takes great interest in learning Electronics and has participated in Hackathons. 

She is a crazy cricket fan, watching cricket matches in her free time. She also enjoys reading fiction.She likes spending time with people, getting to know their perspectives about anything and everything. She is a curious person, keen on gaining as much knowledge as possible. She is very enthusiastic about interacting with people from diverse walks of life. 

University Innovation Fellows has led her to experiencing and acquiring new ideas about how one can improve 'Innovation on campus'. She is eager to execute a few of them along with her team for her peers at college. The training has also inspired her to apply the design thinking way to any problem that she faces on a daily basis.

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