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Favorite Quote : "The Biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only stratergy guranteed to fail is not taking any risk. - Mark Zuckerberg"

Sanjana Gombi is a University Innovation Fellow of Fall 2017. She is pursuing BE in Computer Science at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi and is now placed in an MNC.

After choosing engineering as her career, Sanjana has been involved in a lot of technical and social clubs for encouraging the students to develop skills in the field of their interest. Sanjana aims to become an agent of change to required improvements in the campus ecosystem through UIF program.She thinks that an entrepreneurial mindset is something that is extremely important in this day and age and that she will use the same passion to instrument change in the society. She also worked with her college in bringing about change in how design thinking is perceived and bring opportunities closer to students with little or no hassle.

Sanjana was awarded as the ‘ Student of the Year’ during her Pre Univesity days for her contribution in college activities and her outstanding performance in academics. She also worked as an editor for the same college for 2 years. Currently Sanjana is an editor at Rotaract Club ofGIT, an active member of Literary club and Association of Computer Engineers. Sanjana is also selected as a Campus Ambassoder for Shaastra (a Technical Fest by Indian Institute of Technology Madras).
She also received IAS Summer Research Fellowship Program Scholarship 2018 for a research internship at IISc, Bengaluru. She has also received the 'Grace Hopper Celebrations India Scholarship' to attend the conference and since then has been working to bring opportunities to specially women in computing.

Sanjana is presently working on a number of projects that focuses on helping the society to bring about a sustainable change in the process. Her hobbies include coding, writing, public speaking, cooking and reading to name a few.

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