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Sanjana Baliga with the d.school Bus

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Serving as a UIF since: Fall 2017

School: KLS Gogte Institute of Technology

What she does now: Works as a developer at a consulting firm in Bangalore

What that means: She builds applications for businesses that help them have better relationships with their customers

Contact her about: Applying Design Thinking, creativity, work-life balance, organising events, and driving participation

About her: Sanjana Baliga studied Computer Science and Engineering during her time as an undergraduate. The Fall 2017 cohort at her college consisted of a circle of four fellows who are passionate about improving and enhancing the educational experience for all students. During her time as a fellow on campus, she taught hands-on design thinking to first year students, organised an event to recognise student teams that had participated and won in national and international competitions so that they could mentor their juniors, helped in publicising student-driven clubs and activities (such as the technical fest of the college), and connected students who have great technical skills with department heads to solve campus-related issues. She is currently navigating her professional life, and is constantly reminded of the UIF principles, especially that of empathy, in her work. When she is not working, you can find her reading a book, playing with her cats, or out for a run.

Her undergrad experience: In her first year of college, Sanjana was bound only to academics and did not explore the possibilities beyond the curriculum. Needless to say, this left her wanting more. In her second year at college, she resolved to look out for opportunities and realised that her college provided a conducive environment for teams to flourish. Sanjana has a diverse set of interests. She has been part of the literary team, a student formula racing team, and a member of the aeromodelling team for her college. At one point she also started a small club for discussions related to open source software. After having concluded that working collaboratively with her peers has greatly enriched her learning experience, she strives to bring this to other students. She is looking forward to creating an environment that encourages the formation of student clubs that are accessible to all - beginners to experts.

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