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Sanjana Baliga is a University Innovation Fellow and is a junior pursuing B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, India. She is a part of a leadership circle of four fellows at her college who are passionate about improving and enhancing the educational experience for all students. 

Her journey at college so far has been a roller coaster ride of sorts. In her first year, Sanjana was bound only to academics and did not explore the possibilities beyond the curriculum. Needless to say, this left her wanting more. In her second year at college, she resolved to look out for opportunities and realized that her college provided a conducive environment for teams to flourish. Sanjana has a diverse set of interests. She has been part of the literary team, and a student formula racing team. Currently, she is a member of the aeromodelling team for her college. After having concluded that working collaboratively with her peers has greatly enriched her learning experience, she strives to bring this to other students. Because the teams in her college have rigorous selection procedures, being open only to a select few students, she is looking forward to creating an environment that encourages the formation of clubs that are accessible to all - beginners to experts.

Sanjana takes a keen interest in all things science, and is fascinated by the power of technology today. When she is not doing her college and academic work, you can find her reading a book, playing with her cats, or out for a run.

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