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Sana Horikawa
School (Cohort)
Sophia University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in


Sana Horikawa, an upcoming sophomore at Sophia University, is currently majoring in sociology (SPSF program). Brought up in a Japanese household but being born in Chile and having lived in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and the Dominican Republic, she often finds herself struggling with her identity. Along this journey, she has witnessed social issues in many contexts, for which she has a strong will to work for those socially vulnerable including refugees and those lacking basic needs.


Although Sana's academic drive often intimidates others, she is also passionate about social work and interacting with diverse people. This year, she has worked with people experiencing social withdrawal and truancy at a non-profit organization for a few months, in addition to her long-term work at a child welfare facility for those with severe mental illnesses. Back in high school where she graduated as valedictorian, she was deeply involved in the Model United Nations (MUN) Club. She participated in 9 international and domestic conferences, won some awards, and organized 2 conferences as Under-Secretary-General (2020) and Head Ambassador (2021). Despite this, she was most impacted when implementing a MUN Club in a public school and teaching them skills for negotiation and redaction. Strongly believing in the power of the youth, she is eager to create more effective system changes and social impacts on her environment.

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