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Sam Kristen Can

Furman University

Sam Kristen Can has been an advocate for social entrepreneurship ever since her summer internship at the Center for Social Initiatives Promotion – a leading hub for social enterprises in Vietnam. As a dedicated follower for the social entrepreneurship movement in her country, she expresses a mutual enthusiasm with the University Innovation Fellows towards creative business approaches, which demand for a qualified labor pool mostly from higher education. She has noticed that in the quest for effective models for social entrepreneurship, the higher education system should be constantly readjusted to produce employable workforce at its outputs by boosting up creativity in teaching and learning – a belief that matches that of the University Innovation Fellows program.

With her international background (being from a Second World country and having participated in some voluntary programs abroad) that helps her to identify problems in the education and to evaluate external environment for social enterprises from multiple perspectives, Sam may add some constructive viewpoints and is dedicated to absorbing more entrepreneurial and leadership skills from the program.

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