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Sai Lyon Ho is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Computer Science, Economics and Chinese at Union College. Sai is originally from Caracas, Venezuela where he lived until 2018 when he moved to Brooklyn, NY for college. During high school he developed a strong curiosity and knowledge in the finance industry, but his deep interest in how technology can impact our society led him to study computer science and hopefully be able to combine skills from both fields to bring an innovative idea to life.

Because Sai was raised in a country with limited resources with an economic and social crisis, he was constantly thinking of innovative ways to impact society through the use of technology and education. At Union College, he is able to develop these skills through leadership positions such as being the sector leader of the technology sector for the Student Investment Fund and introducing the idea of a improved campus mobile app. Furthermore, the experience from UIF will definately impact his thought process in designing and establishing strong relationships wiht other entrepreneurs from the program.