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2016-11-06-20-25-51-808.jpgRoshini chowdary is a Undergraduate student from Sri padmavathi mahila viswa vidhyalayam. She is originally from nellore in A.P, India, where she lived until 2007 when she moved to hyderabad and continued education for four years and return back to the same district .And there she completed her intermediate and got seat in Padmavathi University.There she served as a secretary of a ECE branch in her college.She also served as a class representative for a whole year and also consultant in the hostel management .She has been exposed to University Innovation Fellows in that college. From the younger age she is talented in different aspects like dance and sports.She has won some prizes from her school by participating in sports .She is a classical dancer.She has given some stage performances too and active participation in college activities. From the beginning she is very passionate about entrepreneurship.Through out the years she has given her dedication to get in to the best business schools and her aim is to get in the top most IIM's in India.She is much interested in making a change around people .This interest made her to participate in the debates or public speaking activities.Improvisation of her University is her present goal. My teammates are:-Paleti Pavani,Mounika Arekapudi and Bhavana Abburi

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