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Rory Pannkuk is currently a sophomore at Santa Clara University pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics from the SCU Leavey School of Business. 

A recipient of the Dean's Scholarship and a member of the University Honors Program at SCU, Rory is devoted to making a lasting impact on the world around him. He is involved in numerous organizations on and off campus related to both business and computer science and is the treasurer of Santa Clara University's Innovation and Design (SCID) club. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, business, finance, mathematics, physics, politics, wheelchair fencing, golf and the Boston Red Sox.

As an executive member of SCID, Rory helps manage the finances of the club and raise school awareness regarding the importance of innovative thinking. He was on the winning team of the 2016 Winter and Spring SCU School of Engineering's $2,500 Quarterly Design Challenge representing SCID where he helped oversee the design and implementation of enhanced security features for a surveillance robot as well as helped design and manufacture the production of customized school-spirited smartphone stands. He was also the first place winner of SCID's 2016 annual Designathon where he helped design the blueprints of a smartphone navigation app that assists school commuters in estimating travel time through the customization of various modes of transportation that are specifically available to them.

He plans on improving the innovative and creative environment at Santa Clara and hopes to carry those skills beyond his undergraduate career to a potential graduate institution or business. 

Rory can be contacted at rqpannkuk@gmail.com.

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