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Rahul Pandey is a University Innovation Fellow who is currently pursuing under graduation in stream of Information Technology from ABES Engineering College. A clear thinking and level headed individual is how to describe him. Currently ,he is also the member of ACM student chapter in his college and has played important role in organizing ACM Amateur Radio Communication & Computing in Educational Environments  conference at his college and he is also a globally certified SAP ABAP DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE. 

Rahul's personal strengths are as impressive as his intellectual accomplishments. He's an active, outgoing presence in class with a great sense of humor. He's the perfect person to get a group project rolling, but he also knows how to sit back and let others take the lead. His cheerful nature and openness to feedback means he's always learning and growing as a learner.

His role in organizing events under ACM Student Chapter was commendable and was highly appreciated and he was also been part of organizing 8th Annual ACM Compute 2015 conference on Big Data & Analytics.He grasps new concepts quickly and accepts constructive criticism and instruction concerning his effort. His ability to understand a problem and to conceptualize & analyze a situation needs a special mention. He is currently engaged with natural language processing and has shown active participations in coding events. He believes passionately in social progress and working for the common good which motivates him to join University Innovation program to renovate the education system . His own personal experiences, along with his profound grasp on new technologies, help him to realise the paucity of resources in his campus..

Rahul has excellent communication skills. His written work is both clear and concise, as well as interesting to read. He demonstrated her oral articulateness in the Colloquium presentation on Natural Language Processing that were an integral part of the course.