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Peter Bachour is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. During high school, Peter discovered his passion for programming. That’s why he decided to enroll as a computer science student. During a two-months internship in Switzerland last summer, he worked with a team on a project with a big car manufacturer where he showed great leadership, analytical and critical skills.

From Hadath, Lebanon, Peter is known as a Leader in High School, In fact, he was elected class representative for many years by the students. Moreover, at university, students chose Peter to represent them in the students’ union as student body president.

On his campus, he is interested in all kind of conferences and events. In addition, Peter loves to help his classmates with problems they face during their academic year.

Peter is a University Innovation Fellow and forms a team along with two other classmates: Charbel Howayek and Michel Bechara.

Below is a link to the projects that Peter and his team will be working on in order to make a change on their campus.

Students Priorites Wiki Page

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