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In 1875, Saint Joseph University of Beirut (SJUB) opened its doors primarily for doctoral degrees in philosophy and theology. Over the past century, SJUB kept growing and opened several other campuses throughout Lebanon. Today, it consists of 5 main campuses: Campus of Medical Sciences, Campus of Social Sciences, Campus of Sciences and Technlogy, Campus of Human Sciences, Campus of Innovation and Sports as well as 3 study centers in Lebanon and one in Dubai. These campuses enroll approximatively 12000 students in total. The university is considered to be among the top academic institutions in the Middle-East and encourages Trilinguisme (French, English and Arabic). SJUB ranks high for the quality of its publications.

In 1913, the campus of  Sciences and Technlogy was founded and later became the higher institute of Engineering in 1948. 



Saint Joseph University of Beirut is known for being a beacon for change-makers in the region. It graduated former Entrepreneurs and people who made an impact on their societies. In addition, it encourages it's students and created the right mold for them to start innovating and creating change in order to promote the right entrepreneurial mindset through courses, extracurricular clubs and competitions.

Course Programs

  • Entrepreneurship course: The last few years it has increasingly proven that entrepreneurship has more to do with traits and attitudes than knowledge. Starting a business requires high level of vision and guts. This course will present new ways of teaching and learning entrepreneurship that can be used in practical life. It shapes the mind of student to push them to innovate.
  • Communication and Expression: Teaches the students unique ways of communicating with others and expressing their thoughts and ideas, two main quality of every successful entrepreneur and innovator.
  • Innovation and creativity: This course provides the students with the ability to start new ideas and create content without having any problem in their future professions.
  • Organizational Change and innovation in the institutions: The program is conceived for students who will be working in organizations of all sorts in order to add to their working space an touch of what they can do.

Extracurricular clubs and programs offerings

  • Consulting: Provides students with networking opportunities and speaker series presentations to the members and different types of mentorships.
  • Junior Consulting Club: Helps students grow as leaders and reinvent new ways to motivate people around them.
  • Rotaract: Rotarcat focuses on the development of young aduts as leaders in their communities an workspaces.


  • IAAF Awards: Participation of the top athletes in our campus in this competition, as sports allow autonomy, good health and self-growth. These caracteristics are essential to make successful entrepreneurs.
  • USJ Entrepreneurship Awards & AUF Entrepreneurship Awards: Allows students willing to make a change to present their ideas, and the people with the best selected ideas will receive a good amount of money in order to execute their ideas and innovate.
  • StartUpper Project: Empowering students to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow by changing the wold.



Saint Joseph University of Beirut faculty members are critical to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus, as they have the required skills and strengths. Innovation inside the campus should start by making courses less lecture-based, as students need to be more involved in order to gain interest in a particular subject. The faculty members have been working on it by imposing new methods to replace lecture-based learning and installing interactive screens in a few classes. However, there is still room for improvement.

Most faculty members are people with important roles in different companies, and some do even own their own succesful company. This is crucial as they offer students a great pool of knowledge and experience in order to help them kickstart their own business with the right entrepreunarial mindset.

For the first time, USJ hosted  TEDx. This event was planned and organized by students. It holded a big number of professional key speakers and was a success in all ways possible.


On campus, a company called Berytech is supporting entrepreneurs by funding their innovative ideas and offering professional mentorships and advices. It also offers full-time jobs, part-time jobs and internships for student. This company aims to shape the innovative scene in the region.

INJAZ Innovation Camp is also organized in the campus. It consists of splitting the student into teams, and each team will compete for the most innovative and complete business model. A professional mentor from Fransabank guides the students during this experience.

Saint Joseph University of Beirut has also contributed into funding businesses with seed money. A few of those businesses are Circulaire 331 by Banque du LibanBADER and KAFALAT INNOVATIVE by KAFALAT.



Saint Joseph University of Beirut collaborates with many companies, and one of them is Berytech as stated in the section above, located on campus. MUREX holds a conference once a year in the campus in order to meet and invite potential consultants and developers to join them for interships or for a job.

The university also offers multiple laboratories on campus in order to conduct reseach and experiments. These laboratories also aim to help students acquire the required technical and logical skills by the modern industry. These laboratories are well equipped, but there is always room for growth as the technology industry is growing at a fast rate. Students are also required to complete lab hours during some courses in order to link the theoretical side learned in class to the practical and technical side.

The University also has a strong ALUMNI network from which students can benefit during their university years or after graduating.



One of SJUB's main goals is to assist in the economic development of the surrounding area. Offering also regional source of capital, the university has also collaborated into funding different companies.

ZOOMAAL was founded in 2012 and is a company looking to help new arab entrepreneurs launch their startup by funding it.

WAMDA was founded in 2014 and aims to help businesses invest more efficiently.




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