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My name is Olivia Davies, I am a student at The University of Tulsa, where I'm pursuing a double major in Marketing and Sports Management. While I might not be the most athletic person, I'm an avid enthusiast of sports entertainment. From a young age, I've been captivated by sports, and my heart belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers, where I'm confident that we're destined to win Super Bowl fifty-eight this year!!! My career aspirations revolve around attending law school and becoming a sports agent. Alongside my studies, I'm fully immersed in the customer service industry, working full-time at a golf course. This experience has been transformative, where I worked on my teamwork and leadership abilities. I've come to understand that open communication is the key to any successful team. During my downtime, I am passionate about film. At the top of my list is "Apocalypse Now," a film that never fails to excite me. Additionally, I'm a huge fan of "Seinfeld," I could watch that show a million times and it never gets old. I am most excited about meeting other fellow individuals. I am excited to learn from this journey.


- Phi Theta Kappa Member - Jolt Member - Deans Honor Roll Recipient - People to People Ambassador

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