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Nurafifah Alya Farahisya Profile Picture.jpg
Nurafifah Alya Farahisya
School (Cohort)
Universitas Brawijaya (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Informatics Engineering


Farahisya, is a student majoring in Informatics Engineering, Computer Science Department at Brawijaya University, Indonesia. She was born on April 11th of 2000 in Bukittinggi, Indonesia and also grew up there. Currently, she focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science stream because one of her goals is to become a data scientist. In early 2021, she participated in Bangkit Academy program led by Google, Gojek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka specializing in Machine Learning to support her career after graduate from college. Bangkit Academy is a student competency development program for a career in the world of technology designed through a partnership between the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture. She succeeded in becoming one of the Distinction Graduates from Bangkit 2021.

Farahisya is type of person who likes to join organizations and active in the several events since high school. In 2013, she became the Chairman of Student Council at her school and lead a competition program for students. She also participated in several college activities to develop the leadership, team work, public speaking, and other skills. From these activities she got very valuable lessons and experiences that made her into who she is today. The thing she likes most about joining the organization is that she can meet new people with different backgrounds and can learn new things from them.

She likes traveling and hiking with her friends to enjoy the beauty of nature. She has a dream to be able to travel around the world to see the diversity that exists. She also enjoys sharing and exchanging ideas with others. Based on her experiences, she will get something new and can develop a growth mindset from various points of view.


Distinction Graduate from Bangkit Academy 2021 (Machine Learning Specialization)

Social media profiles

• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nafarahisya/

• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nafarahisya/