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Hello! :) Norma Chanel Bachman is a young woman who grew up (still growing up) with a passion to learn and cherish the little things in life, the non-tangible things. She is an aspiring Mechanical and Biomedical Engineer, who loves (just to name a few) cookie dough ice cream, animals, and traveling. She wants to work in Europe and put the German she has been learning for 3 semesters to good use. Hands on and project-based learning environments is what she learns best in. Attending a vocational high school, studying metal fabrication, instilled in her a love for a hands on learning environment. This environment has caused her to question the status quo, think outside the box, and question everything, all for the purpose of learning about herself and the world she lives in.  

Currently at Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI), she is involved in many organizations, ranging from professional societies to organizations that are just pure fun, such as the Social Committee. She is the Alumni Coordinator for the Biomedical Engineering Society and closely collaborates with alumni from WPI in that field.  She is also works for the admissions office as an Engineering Ambassador to give presentations and conduct hands-in activities that promote K-12 students to pursue a STEM field; she is very passionate about promoting and inspiring children to pursue a STEM field. Norma will also be traveling to Mandi, India in March for 2 months to engage with the community about the awareness and perceptions associated with Solar Power Technology and create a database for the solar panels that currently and will exist in the region. Overall, Norma is passionate about learning and stepping out of her comfort zone.

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