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Nizamuddin Khan S is a University Innovation Fellow and pursuing his graduation of  Computer Science & Engineering in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur College of Engineering Pulivendula ,located in pulivendula 120 kilometres away from his home town Hindupur ,Andhra Pradesh state,India.He is a big fan of Nikolas Tesla and admirer of the principles of Henry David Thoreou.

He was moved away by the sufferings of people around him .From then he decided to live peacefully without hurting others and by serving society.He emphasized in management skills and loves  to conduct & manage events .He was the hospitality coordinator for a 3 day National level Technological Symposium (SARVAGNYA-2K15).

In free time he spends time in reading conspiracy theories&books, watching documantries,playing chess .He's always  feels responsible and tries to excel in finding and implementing solutions to the problems .In his first year of engineering he was Student coordinator and next year took up the responsibility of EPIC Coordinator (English Programming Innovative Club )

He is exposed to innovation and entrepreneurship in a proper way by the university innovation fellows training and he is looking forward to lead the change moments in his ecosystem to solve the problem.

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