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Problem Statement

Students lagging interest towards curriculum & co curriculum related activities leading to deficiency in industry required skills.


To make students skillful for the industry and to raise the confidence levels among students


Students are increasing negligent levels towards any new activity planned. The environment around the college discourages innovation and entrepreneurship.

1. To implement a 1 hour extra session post college timings every day for all the students in the College interdisciplinary of courses.

2. Making everyone to speak about the interesting thing they learnt or observed on that day classes.

3. Conducting activities such as group discussions, debates on different issues in neighborhood.

4. Introducing design thinking, empathy based learning

5. Only for first years they, two or three members from higher years will act as mentors .All the activities should be organized by first years itself. The mentors will give full-fledged knowledge about 'what to do ' and guide them to find ways for 'how to do’.

6. Mandatory classes, Schedule of Activities will be designed in a such a way that the student Should not lose interest by having friendly competitions, giving prizes.

7. Forming Facebook and other social media groups and having online debates, discussions and if possible to publish a monthly paper about the outcomes of activities and announcing winners of competitions Will design the schedule with the help of students in third year and four years .

The mission activates from December 5th (Starting date of next semester) Till then as our principal has permitted us to form a team will using college noticeboards and seminar halls me and my friend Jessie (team) search and identity students from 2nd, 3rd and 4th years have meetups with them and form a team for implementation of mission on 1st year students.



Students have no proper guidance and awareness about different careers to choose after completion of engineering in the university, leading to unemployment (Over 80% engineering students are unemployable'


To prepare students to choose the career they love to excel


1. A proper orientation should be given from an experienced resource person about different careers after engineering, we shall include the presentations of design thinking and lean startup during the orientation Programme so that interested candidates can chose innovation and entrepreneurship as career.

2. Identifying and grouping the students who love to excel with similar careers.

3. Each group should meet weekly and must plan a schedule for a semester term for the different activities to be held.

4. Every group should select a representative team of four members each from individual years.

5. The representative team of every group should report monthly to all the stakeholders and a member governing all the groups.

6. Every group should organize events, competitions and inviting resource persons for power talks by raising funds.

7. Every group should form groups in social networking sites so that the final year students stay connected even after leaving university after completion of engineering.

With the help of team formed for MISSION-1 Will design the schedule of events each group by taking assistance from the particular career experts in a way so that the student never lose interest.

As a prototype for mission -2, the some part plan would be implemented in CSE Department this October month and take feedback and perfectly start the mission on Dec. 5th in whole campus as semester end exams are in November.

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