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Syed Nizamuddin popularly called as Nizam or Syed, is a University Innovation Fellow and a senior Biotechnology student at K L University, India. He is a native of a town called Miryalaguda not far from Hyderabad, the capital city where he lives with his family at present. Nizam moved to Vijayawada in 2015 to pursue his Engineering at K L University. He believes peer learning and hands on experience teach more than the contemporary teaching methods.

Nizam has been an extrovert and has taken part in many extra and co curricular activities right from his kindergarten days. He was elected as the President of a literature club, Reflections Club in his first year and since then has been holding the position and has been in charge for many department events and fests. Nizam as a person is a very friendly, always ready to help and mingles up easily.

Apart from his regular academics and projects, Nizam worked with a professor from Department of Chemistry on Biosensors to make a nanosensor which was first of its kind and published a paper on it in an Elsiveir journal- Analytica Chimica Acta. Nizam supports gender equality and women empowerment. He wants to incorporate peer learning and entrepreneurship methods to the regular course syllabus of the University so as to help his peers and other students of the university to become job givers and to stand out from the crowd.


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