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Nicole Nielsen is a University Innovation Fellow and undergraduate student studying Elementary Education at Utah State University. She is passionate about expanding traditional classroom teaching into greater integrated learning. 
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Originally from Boise, ID, Nicole attended Renaissance High School where she earned an Associates Degree from Idaho State University before her completion of high school. Motivated by her thirst for knowledge, Nicole plans to go on to obtain a second bachelor's degree in English and a Masters in Education. 

Fueled by her love of people and of creating spaces for everyone in the classroom, she was recommended for the University Innovation Fellowship. In addition to her work at Utah State, she also works for a local elementary school and volunteers with organizations in her community. 

Education has always been an interest of Nicole, and her passion has continued to grow throughout her time at Utah State. She believes that through developing new ways of reaching all types of learners, we can tackle the problems that plague our society and lead to greater empathy, equity and equality.