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Non I&E course imparting importance of I&E in the context of larger subject area.

  • Mathematics Education Leadership Knowledge and Skills (TEAL 6552)
    • This course develops the following mathematics education leadership knowledge and skills: policy and curriculum issues; research informing instructional practice; implementation and evaluation of professional development; evaluation of educational structures that affect equity; and responsibilities of math coaches and mentors.


  • TedxUSU
    • TEDxUSU is an independently organized TED event focused on ideas worth spreading. Now in its sixth year, TEDxUSU features presentations, performances and recorded TEDTalks. It is a joining of both USU-based presenters as well as community, national and international speakers with a goal of creating a sense of Utah State University on the world stage.

How-to Workshops

  • Humanizing Learning with Digital Tools
    • Dr. Michelle Pacansky-Brock
    • “As colleges and universities move towards serving broader student populations, our teaching and learning environments must change to support their success. Diverse student populations require learning environments that provide options and use digital tools to mindfully cultivate a sense of belonging for students. This presentation will examine specific pedagogical approaches that leverage digital tools to create inclusivity and support learner variability. Believe it or not – technology can inspire greater connections between you and your students!”

Marketing and Communications Strategies 

  • The Utah Statesmen 
    • “Utah State Students Now Have Access to Adobe Creative Cloud”


Course (theory, case and/or discussion-based; concepts of opportunity recognition and value creation and risk tolerance are conveyed).

  • MSLE 4250 (Graduate Level) Marketing-Strategy-Leadership-Entrepreneurship Internship
    • This course provides management internship experience in a career-related position approved by the Department of Marketing and Strategy
  • BUSN 0300 (Undergraduate) Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship uses the entrepreneurial approach to help students develop not only their entrepreneurial skills but also their management skills. Students learn about entrepreneurship and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship strategy. The business plan is covered.

Extracurricular clubs and program offerings.

  • USUSA Intercollegiate Studies Institute 
    • Intercollegiate Studies Institute is a national organization that was created by William F. Buckley Jr. to give university students an environment in which they could discuss the most meaningful questions in the fields of politics, philosophy, and economics.

Competitions (pitch, business plan or bus. model).

  • MSLE 3550 (end of class competition)
    • Discussion of the discovery, evaluation, and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Start-up Weekend, 3-Day Startup, or other engagement catalyzing formation of venture team in pursuit of a specific opportunity.

  • Student Startups: Aggies Open Their Own Business
    • There are 15 consultants available through the Clark Center for Entrepreneurship to help students starting their own businesses. The USU entrepreneurship club, also reaches out to students of all majors to give them the tools to be successful in their product and business ventures.


Experimental course

  • New Venture Creation (MSLE 3510)
    • This introduction to entrepreneurship explores the processes of new ventures. Students examine entrepreneurship and whether it represents a viable career path, focusing on identifying, analyzing, and developing business opportunities.


  • Green Infrastructure Design (LAEP 4940)
    • This course introduces the planning, design, and policy aspects of green infrastructure implementation in sustainable community development. The course focuses on water-sensitive design approaches for storm-water management toward community resiliency.

Extracurricular formation and nurturing of design teams, vetting of opportunities 

  • USUSA Technical Communication Club
  • <a href=""><span style="font-size: 11.5pt; color: rgb(17, 85, 204); font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; text-decoration-line: underline; text-decoration-skip-ink: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;"></span></a>
  • “This club provides students with many networking opportunities and a chance to develop their professional and technical skills. Students can come to explore the field of technical communication, participate in technology workshops, network with alumni, and socialize with others.”

Internship, co-op opportunity or business plan projects with external partners

  • Obtain an internship: USU career services


Incubator, venture accelerator, bootcamp or startup venture space.

  • MSLE 3000 Entrepreneurship: starting your own business 
    • This survey course examines all aspects of starting the student’s own business. The course explores opportunity recognition, marketing, finance, management, obtaining resources, developing a value network, operations, feasibility analysis and the start-up business plan.

Seed funding sources

  • PFP 3460 Fundamentals of Personal Investing
    • Examination of investment vehicles available to personal investors. Principal emphasis on corporate and government securities. 

Tech transfer office, standards and /or express policies and related offerings.

  • CEE 6480 Application of Technology Transfer for Teachers
    • Focuses on application of modern instructional strategies to the transfer of technology and science to the public education setting. Part of a series of six courses.

Grant-writing, legal and/or other venture assistance.

  • ASTE 7370 Grant Writing and Management 
    • The course prepares students with the experiences and tools related to finding grants, grant proposal preparation, the evaluation of grant applications, and grant management and reporting. 
  • SPED 7070 SPED Grant Writing Internship
    • Guided experience in preparation of grant proposals.

Spin Out 

Composite Manufacturing Processes and Repair

  • Tee 6200 Composite manufacturing processes
    • composite materials survey, tooling design and fabrication, autoclave processes, vacuum bag techniques, filament winding processes, equipment requirements, materials cutting and storage, and composite materials testing.

Regional sources of capital (angel, VC, state or institutional funds).

  • Undergraduate Student Funding
  • GrantForward

Mentoring, advisory or business networks.

  • Huntsman School of Business Mentoring Programs
    • Students looking for mentoring and help on their business idea or plan have many resources available to them

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