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Nicole Imbert
School (Cohort)
Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Electronic Engineering


Nicole Imbert is an advanced Electronic Engineering student at Universidad Católica del Uruguay, where she is also working on an international project related to her studies called “Network of Competence on Internet of Things”.

She is a creative, proactive and hardworking person, who is passionate about solving problems with technology to improve people´s lives. Once she finishes her undergraduate degree, she would like to deepen her studies and carry out her own innovative ideas.

She has participated in several recreation activities with kids and teenagers where she developed her creativity, leadership and teamwork skills. Since 2017, she has been a volunteer in centres where social and educational work is carried out with young people from a community. She currently remains part of this activity. From these experiences, she learned to have other perspectives on things and think outside the box, discovering her love for helping other people.

She decided to join the UIF program because she has always been thinking about the changes that can be made in the world, and how she can be part of them. As a student, she has felt the little presence of women in the technological areas, and because of that, she would like to be part of changes that empower women not only in her study field but to end gender inequality in all areas. She firmly believes that everyone deserves the same opportunities and wants to support this throughout her life.

During her spare time, what she enjoys the most is music, her hobby is playing the guitar and learning to play new instruments.

Social media profiles

Instagram: nicole_imbert

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