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Nicolás is a civil industrial engineering student, at Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile), who is on his way to become a fellow.


His "work", until now, is having participated in different volunteerings, specially in "Trabajos de Verano". Trabajos de Verano is one of his passions. There, they build houses to families in need, that can not afford to buy one. Currently,  he is a part of the staff from that volunteering. 

Nico (as friends call him) has another passion too, innovation. He got an innovation minor degree through the years he has been studying, and one of the subjects from this minor was social innovation. In that class, he started thinking how he could help people by innovating. This idea turned into the legacy he wants to leave behind; make a change, no matter the cost.

One of his favourite phrases is: "Maybe you can not change the world, but you can change the world to someone". Under that, he wants to continue in volunteerings.

He also likes fishing, skiing, basketball and hanging out with friends.

The story of this 21 years-old man is still being written.

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