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Nick Omori
School (Cohort)
Utah Valley University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Business Management
United States


Serving as a uifellow since: Fall 2020

School: Utah Valley University (UVU)

What she does now: Fintech Product Manager, 1x Founder, Special Education & Accessibility Advocate, and uiguide

What that means: Bring empathy and understanding to create more inclusive, valuable, and love-able products that solve real problems.

Contact him about: Anything 'product', starting a company, and your new favorite food:)

Email: nomo.omori@gmail.com

I was born in the United States, with family from China, Japan, and Europe. I graduated from UVU in 2021, majoring in Business Management and minoring in Marketing.

My first few years in college I spent volunteering as a teacher in South Korea (love the language, music, culture and people) for two years and then as a Korean teacher in the states. I joined UIF in 2020 and utilized the principles of design thinking and innovation to implement a new experiential learning program, launch a campus mobile app, and drive new mental health initiatives on campus.

During college I joined a startup as a founding team member and the founding product manager. Together we raised funding (Techstars '20 and Amazon Alexa Fund), reached a $25M valuation (and profitability!), and supported millions of users each month. We've launched our product in over 100 countries and 30 languages, integrated directly into three multi-billion dollar platforms.

In 2024 I made the tough decision to leave my startup (feel free to ask me about this journey) and join a Fintech company that had recently been acquired by a F500 financial institution. Here I lead our product growth team helping small businesses succeed, receive financial security, and empower their customers reach their goals. As DEI committee chair I've done presentations and lead inclusion projects for more than 20000 employees.

Although I love tech and the impact I've been able to have in my career, my passion still lies with education and the role it plays in creating a better world. I'm actively pursuing opportunities to help innovate across this space. I've worked with Special Education schools for the last 4 years and helped create a new way for non-verbal adults to express themselves using AAC devices using AI and their favorite sounds from pop-culture.

I believe the highest title someone can receive is "teacher/mentor" and "student/learner" – and it's freely available to everyone. Each individual has something to unique and significant to bring to the table and we have a responsibility help them reach their potential.

Personality: ESFJ-T Strengths Finder: Individualization, Includer, Relator, Learner, Arranger.


Social media profiles


https://blerp.com/ (Company I helped found)

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