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Serving as UIF Since: Fall 2015 
School: University of Oregon
What he does now: Hatch Fellow: National Security Innovation Network Austin, TX
What that means: Using start-up tools and tactics to design new technology that is both profitable and improves national security.
Contact him about: Design, Creative Strategy, Teamwork, Education, Hack-a-thons, Business Competitions, Sports Technology, Defense Technology.
Email: nickcapaldini@gmail.com
Phone: (952)-240-3857

Nick earned a B.A. in Product Design from the University of Oregon in 2018. Since graduating he has transitioned from designing sports technology in Eugene, Oregon to designing defense technology in Austin, Texas. He is currently conducting research and development into new forms of drone detection technology as a Fellow for the National Security Innovation Network.

Nick joined the University Innovation Fellows program at the University of Oregon so that he could use his passion for innovation to make a positive impact on his campus. Through becoming a Fellow, Nick has been able to build on his strengths in innovation and entreprenuership to become an award-winning change agent.

By running the first collegiate sports-technology hack-a-thon in the U.S, Nick provided an opportunity for students at his school to use state of the art technology to create new sports products. Following the theme of sports, his event was held in the University of Oregon's historic McArthur basketball court and featured two U.S. Olympians on the judging panel. Nick has also held a leadership position in his campus's entrepreneurship club and was an active member in multiple student organizations including Toastmaster's International, Industrial Design Society of America, and Warsaw Sports Business Club.

When not leading initiatives, Nick enjoys participating in hack-a-thons and start-up competitions such as Major League Baseball's Advanced Media Hack-a-thon in New York City, where his team of UO students won First Place for their Data Visualization project. Nick also attends many innovation-focused conferences such as SXSW and the VentureWell Open where in 2018 he was a session panelist on best practices for stimulating sustainable invention in colleges and universities.

Out of 23,000+ students at his school, Nick not only received the Dean's Service Award for "exceptional leadership and service " but was also named one of the University of Oregon's "25 Ducks" for "leadership, innovation, and the potential to change the world". Nick's mindset during his time in college was always to focus not on what his school can do for him, but on what he can do for his school and he is carrying that spirit of service with him wherever he goes.

Here is link to Nick's Ignite talk: Building on Innovation about how universities can create new learning experiences for students by building on their own unique history and culture of innovation.

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/nickcapaldini

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