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Ngan-Ha (Emilia) Thi Nguyen
School (Cohort)
Macquarie University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in


Hi fellow UIF candidates!

I am Emilia, an education student from Macquarie University in Australia. I can be best described as an insightful child, or someone who has the child-like fascination with everything new in the world and can consolidate meanings and experiences from such fascination. This simply means I like to try as many new things as possible to better myself, from cooking strange ingredients such as mussels and duck for my diverse diet to taking university courses in over 40 majors so I could finally find my passion. I continue to foster my inquisition because I believe exploration is crucial to personal development, and to a positive outlook on life regardless of hardships. In the midst of such devastating events as the pandemic, humanity could still find comfort in knowing the achievements they could gain, the places they could explore, the people they could meet (even if only through a screen). Positivity and transformation is what society needs for welfare, thus I seek to encourage my beliefs amongst the public through my work as an educator.

I hope that gives you an adequate introduction of who I am. Nice to meet you!


  • Representing Macquarie University in the University Innovation Fellowship to foster campus innovation
  • Student representative at Macquarie University Widening Participation Unit, assisting Macquarie University with delivering education equity initiatives
  • STEM Instructor at Young Engineers, delivering interactive STEM lessons to primary school students across the Hills area in Sydney
  • Extern from the Paragon One x National Geographic Society x The Nature Conservancy Program on ocean conservation, conducting research and consolidating research findings into an ArcGIS Story Map that communicates finding to locals on a marine issue in Ha Long Bay
  • President of Career Education for High Schoolers Organization Fixi in Vietnam, utilizing design thinking principles to create career planning resources for high school students

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