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Nathaniel Adams is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Folsom Lake College (FLC). He is thouroughly interested in machine learning, data science, and start-ups. Nathaniel is born and raised in Sacramento, California and intends to transfer to UC Berkeley for Fall 2018. Nathaniel Adams' programming experience is primary self-learned, becoming proficient in python, javascript, c++, and more.

At Folsom Lake College, Nathaniel is deeply ingrained in the student life, events, and many other departments. Having started two clubs at Folsom, (Data Science and eSports), he is closely affiliated with the Associated Students of Folsom Lake College (Club and Events Board and Student Government). He has also made efforts to revamp the Computer Information Science courses by integrating Python into the curriculum and a test course will be coming out soon. Nathaniel is also an employee at the Innovation Center makerspace, able to operate 3D printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutters, and CNC machines.

While Folsom Lake College is our home college, there are three sister colleges associated with FLC. At the beginning of Nathaniel's college career, he primarily attended Cosumnes River College and there was also involved closely with the Student Life Office and clubs. For Nathaniel, his start at Cosumnes River College paved the way to do more and more amazing things, marking the start of his ambtion and intense motivation.

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