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Nathan Binkley is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Clemson University. His focuses include User Experience and entertainment. Binkley is originally from Greenville, SC, where he lived until 2017 when he moved to Rock Hill, SC for college at Winthrop University. After exploring his love for Computer Science and found clubs at Clemson, DJ transferred there to pursue a degree that would better prepare him for his intended career. There, he was exposed to the University Innovation Fellows.

At Clemson University, Nathan is involved with the School of Computing council, CUhackit, and VR Club. In addition, he has worked for the University as an Intern for the VR space.

From a very young age, Nathan was interested in entrepreneurship. Growing up, he always admired how his family has been involved in entreprenurship. He was also very heavily involved in Software development, learning to games and software to help the world. Binkley is passionate about community, both as a means of structure and as of entertainment. This passion has led him to participate in multiple hackathon events around the area.  On his campus, he is interested in solving problems with community based creations and team activities.