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Mohamed Alyammahi
School (Cohort)
Khalifa University of Science and Technology (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Electrical Engineering
United Arab Emirates


Mohamed Alyammahi, sometimes known as Alyan, is a Senior Electrical Engineering student. Coming from Khalifa University, which is full of engineers and scientists, I aim to create a different mindset for my peers. Being an Engineer myself, I like to put the skills I learnt into non STEM related activities like for example helping in the Sustainability Development Goals mission in the UAE, or even being connected with the Ministry of Education in their activities to evolve the school environment here in the UAE.


Member of the Advisory Council for SDGs in the UAE. Speaker in the World Government Summit, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, and other events. Part time admission support student in Khalifa University.

Social media profiles

Instagram: M_alyammahi7 LinkedIn: Mohamed Alyammahi

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