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Michel Bechara is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student at Saint Joseph University of Beirut and majoring in Telecommunications Engineering. He always had a passion for technology and innovation. Outside, Michel loves playing basketball, skiing and coding

From Beirut, Lebanon, Michel has always had a deep interest in machine learning, artifical intelligence and communications systems. He felt the University Innovation Fellows did a great job of promoting such aspects in regards to changing higher level education. He loved their philosophy of spreading such innovation to the world.

In Summer 2018, Michel had the opportunity to intern in Switzerland where he applied his problem-solving and analytical skills in order to work on a project that revolves around the augmented reality technology.

He was instantly drawn in by the idea of making a change on campus and accepted the request to join the UIF program and learn. As a fellow, he will continue to promote this concept on his campus, and carry those values with him long after he graduates.

Michel is a University Innovation Fellow and forms a team along with two other classmates: Charbel Howayek and Peter Bachour.

Below is a link to the projects that Michel and his team will be working on in order to make a change on their campus.

Students Priorites Wiki Page

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