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Mia Shanley–Brookes
School (Cohort)
University of Galway (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Medicinal Chemistry


Mia Shanley Brookes is a versatile and dedicated professional with a wide-ranging skill set acquired through a diverse background in research, customer service, marketing, and community engagement. Her commitment to personal growth and making a positive impact is evident throughout her journey.

Professional Experience:

  • Research Intern at University of Galway - College of Science and Engineering (Jun 2023 - Present): In her current role, Mia is deeply immersed in cutting-edge research encompassing UV/Vis Spectroscopy, Nanoparticles, and Nanomaterials. Her ability to collaborate effectively within cross-functional teams makes her a valued asset.
  • Customer Adviser at Boots Ireland (May 2023 - Present): Mia contributes her expertise in customer satisfaction, marketing, and communication to enhance the customer experience at Boots Ireland.
  • Student Intern at IdeasLab University of Galway (Sep 2022 - Nov 2022): During her time at IdeasLab, Mia organized and sourced businesses for thrift markets and developed and executed a TikTok strategy. Her project management skills and cross-functional collaborations were pivotal to the success of various initiatives.


  • Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry from University of Galway (2020 - 2024): Mia's academic journey reflects her pursuit of knowledge and expertise in medicinal chemistry.

Licenses & Certifications:

  • Health and Safety Authority (Jul 2023):
    • Chemical Safety in the Workplace - Level 2 Certificate
    • Chemical Safety in the Workplace Certificate
    • Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)
  • University of Galway (Mar 2023):
    • ALIVE Certificate
  • LIFT Ireland (Sep 2021):
    • LIFT Facilitator
  • Ohana ZERO suicide (Sep 2021):
    • Suicide Awareness Training
  • University of Galway (Aug 2021):
    • GDPR Training
  • University of Galway (May 2021):
    • Seas Suas - Bystander Intervention Training

Skills: Mia possesses an array of skills, including UV/Vis Spectroscopy, organization, project management, TikTok strategy, cross-functional collaborations, employability, chemical safety, and much more.


Honors & Awards:

  • Employability Award (Mar 2023): Mia earned the Employability Award through her extensive volunteering and dedication to skill development. This award acknowledges her work experience, leadership roles, and her ability to contribute effectively to employers.
  • Class Representative Roles (Sep 2021): Elected by her peers, Mia served as a liaison between professors and students in multiple class representative roles, including Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Pharmacology.

Mia Shanley Brookes is a driven and well-rounded professional, equipped with a diverse skill set and a fervent commitment to both personal and professional growth. Her journey embodies a dedication to excellence and a passion for making a meaningful impact in her field.

Social media profiles

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mia-shanley-brookes