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Melisa Ibrahimovic
School (Cohort)
Menlo College (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
United States / Austria / Bosnia / Croatia


Hello! I'm Melisa, born and raised in Vienna, Austria, with strong familial roots in Bosnia and Croatia that I cherish deeply. I'm currently a Psychology student at Menlo College. However, my interests are diverse, spanning from Psychology, Marketing and Design, all the way to the pursuit of a fulfilling and natural life. My true passion lies in making a positive impact on the future. I am deeply committed to empowering young individuals with fewer opportunities, providing them with the chance to fulfill their dreams and passions, much like I've been fortunate enough to do.


Founder and president of the Menlo College Chess Club

Founder and president of Menlo College Tea Time Discussion Club

Digital Marketing Assistant at Menlo College

Student Library Assistant at Menlo College

Resident Assistant at Menlo College

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