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Hello my name is McKenzi Thompson and I am a Boston Native. I am currently a first year at Mills College and I hope to pursue major in Biochemistry with a minor in Mathmatics and Computer Science. Following Mills I aspire to apply to medical school. I hope to one day be a pediatrician with a speciality in neurology. For the last two consecutive summers, I have work in a program called Project Success that is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. During my duration in the neurology laboratory, I have researched parts of the hypothalamus that regulate circadian rhythms of aggression. Through my research, I have gained a fascination with the brain and manipulation tactics that can be used to alter certain behaviors. In the neurology laboratory we used mice models and last summer we worked with mice that were engineered to have Alzheimer's Disease pathology. In the future I would love to research more on the brain and focus on the development of the brain. The idea of going towards the medical field has always been a dream of mines since I was a little girl and received my first barbie stethoscope for Christmas. To test whether this was the right career for me to follow I joined a medical program for high school students during the school year, I did research with the Program Project Success, and I took higher level science classes in high school. My educational goal is to pursue my doctorate in medicine while also pursuing research. Luckily through the programs I have participated in, I have gained a wealth of support and mentors. I have several friends that plan to follow the same medical degree path and we are all smart, driven, minorities trying to change the iconic look of what a medical doctor should look like. I believe Mills will help establish me to make a change in this world and leave it a better than when I arrived.