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Matthew Lim is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. His interests include Digital Media and Microcontrollers. Matthew was from West Lafayette, Indiana and moved to Atlanta Georgia to start college at Georgia Tech. He is a member of Georgia Tech's Design Bloc where he works to improve innovation in the Georgia Tech community. He was given the opportunity to become a University Innovation through Design Bloc.

At Georgia Tech, Matthew Lim is involved with Openideo Atlanta, WREK Radio, and Georgia Tech's Delta Chi Chapter. He has worked for the school both for Georgia Tech's Research Institute and as a Design Bloc research assistant. He also likes to swim and play guitar in his free time. He also works with members of the community to shoot interviews of local community leaders.

Matthew Lim was interested in making things since he was young. His projects include large slingshots, small boats, arduino projects, air rifles. He has also been involved in film since the 5th grade, creating videos with his friends and creating his high school's Cinema Club. That passion for media has transformed to a love of music and video production. He hopes to use that passion with his knack for science and mathmatics to improve the world of digital production.

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