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Maryam Abbas Ahmad Hussain Sajwani, is a candidate for the University Innovation Fellowship program and an undergraduate student studying at Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KU). Her focuses include Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Maryam is originally from United Arab Emirates, born in Oman, studied till her college years in India and moved to her hometown, Dubai in 2015. She realised her passion for all things electrical very early on through a HCLS HiTech Symposium. With her passion in mind, she joined KU to pursue her goal of evolving present education systems through machine learning, an Artificial Intelligence derivative.

At Khalifa University, Maryam is involved with the IEEE HKN society where she is acting as the vice president of the club. Moreover, she has worked in the student council as a freshman representative as well as tutored in various departments on campus. She has also been part of an exchange program where she went as an exchange student to a malaysian university-"Universiti Teknologi Petronas". In her spare time, she does volunteering work in local communities and works on community outreach programs.

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