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Mark Doman is a Finance major at the University of Pittsburgh, 2017, also pursuing a minor in Computer Science. He soon realized after making the decision to major in a business field that his desire to make and create was not quite satisfied from a technical perspective and tacked on the CS minor in his junior year. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to develop a dual set of skills. He currently interns at a predictive analytics start up, Othot LLC, where he has worked for over a year performing functions as varied as writing Python scripts to preparing strategic partnership proposals. It was this experience that opened Mark's mind to the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur.

Mark strongly believes that the skills learned by embarking on an entrepreneurial venture are highly transferrable to any field and industry, and as such entrepreneurship should be used as a vehicle to teach these less tangible aspects of business. It's hard, demanding, and stressful to be an entrepreneur, so what better way to prepare for a career? His UIF mission: highlight the incredible wealth of knowledge embedded in the entrepreneurial community and convince other business students that it's not just "starting a business," but understanding a problem, an individual, and wanting to make a change.


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