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Mariam El Madhoun profile picture.png
Mariam El Madhoun
School (Cohort)
American University of Beirut (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Chemical Engineering


hello ! It's Mariam from Beirut, Lebanon. I am currently majoring in Chemical Engineering at the American University of Beirut. I am interested in sustainability, renewables and environmental systems and ergonomics. Discovering human-centered design was a turning point for me : it made me realize its importance in the majority of fields especially academia. In fact, design-thinking introduced me to human-environment interactions which is a crucial contemporary topic that solves challenges according to this approach. On the other hand, I believe that volunteering and spending my free-time productively is highly rewarding. For this reason, I joined the Lebanese Redcross Youth Sector where I learned throughout volunteering and fundraising events as well as trainings personal and professional skills. On the long term, I aim to work on projects introducing sustainability as a tool and a lifestyle to be adopted and become an advisor/consultant. On the other side, I wish to work on projects related to kids in need of help such as street-kids, kids not able to attend school due to health issues...


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