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Fall 2021 Priorities

How to AUB Directory

The last couple of years at AUB have shown great strides in I&E however during our interviews and research we noticed that not many people are aware of the resources that exist. Our first project idea is to raise awareness of what AUB has to offer for I&E, research, volunteering, clubs, and events. The "How to AUB Directory" is somewhat of a landscape campus offered to students to see and know their way in AUB. The directory can be done in the form of an application or a social media account showcasing all that is available at AUB. We will also include "How to Guides", inspired by the UIF guides offered to fellows, that will be made and reviewed by students and professors. Given our countries situation in 2021, creating and spending funding for new facilities and resources is difficult so instead of making something new, it's a great step to raise awareness of what is currently available at AUB.

New AUB Orientation

During our interviews conducted with first years, it was not surprising that many of them have no idea of what exists at AUB, however, this brought to light the fact that orientation for university may need improvement. Many students would tell us that "nobody tells us anything, of course, won't know anything". Our new model for orientation at AUB would include an introduction to I&E at AUB, showcasing previous students who have worked on startups, showing students where they can get support to be future entrepreneurs, and where to they can make a change and innovate at AUB. Finally, AUB's orientation lacks "fun" in it, some ideas we want to implement are sports competitions and speed matching.

Change at AUB monthly event

One concern we received when doing our prototypes is that students were worried if they wanted to make changes their voices won't be heard. This event is for students who want their voices to be heard. The event will likely be held at the Bechtel Design Hall (BDH) at AUB, where students are paired together and given prompts to ideate on. The prompts can be inspired by certain student struggles or local/regional issues. This will give students the opportunity to become change makers on a campus-wide and local scale. After ideating, students will be given supplies to prototype and test their ideas, allowing them to work together and learn the basis for HCD. There will also be mentors circulating the groups giving the participants coaching and mentorship. At the end of the session, the best ideas from the event will be chosen and worked on to implement, ideas will be chosen based on sustainability, feasibility, and relevance to the prompt.

AUB Digital Platform

Every now and then somebody comes and tells you that they learned some cool life hack from a Tiktok or Instagram video. Our AUB platform wants to make people learn about AUB through social media. People will share their stories, experiences, and tips and tricks on social media for everyone to see. This will give students the opportunity to understand the AUB landscape better through the experiences and struggles that their peers have faced.