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Mariah Manzano is a University Innovation Fellow and student at Santa Clara University (SCU) majoring in Web Design &
Engineering and minoring in Computer Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Though she enjoys learning about engineering concepts and new technologies, Mariah also has a great appreciation for the interdisciplinary ideas taught through various courses at SCU. The Web Design & Engineering major allows for students to gain a balanced insight of various subjects through courses focused on art, communications, sociology, and computer engineering.

At Santa Clara University, Mariah is involved with several clubs and organizations on campus. For instance, she is Event Coordinator for SCU’s Association of Computer Machinery - Women chapter. She is Public Relations officer for SCU’s Society of Women Engineers chapter. In addition, she is Event Coordinator for SCU’s Harry Potter Club and an active member of Barkada, SCU’s Filipino cultural club. Her on-campus job role as Web Student allows her to implement web languages and skills into managing and updating the Career Center and Faculty Senate portions of SCU’s main site.

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