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Maria Sjoeblom Bjoerndalen
School (Cohort)
Sophia University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
International Business and Economics


Maria Sjoeblom Bjoerndalen(Maria Sjøblom Bjørndalen) is a third-year student at Sophia University, where she belongs to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and is majoring in International Business and Economics. She is born and raised in Norway and decided to move to Japan in 2018 to start a new University adventure on the other side of the world. Maria believes studying in a different country and culture than her own is a valuable experience that gives you unique knowledge and understanding of how the world works, helps you grow as a person, and makes you a better world citizen. This belief has also resulted in her being an active part of the Norwegian student organization ANSA (Association of Norwegian Students Abroad). She started as the Treasurer(in charge of the economy) for the Japan chapter and is now the current Head of ANSA Japan. ANSA is an organization built on volunteer work and revolves around making a safe and inclusive environment for Norwegian students in Japan and helping them gain information about both studies and job opportunities in Japan after graduation.

Since Maria is new to innovative thinking and design thinking, she hopes to gain unique and essential knowledge about being a change-maker at her campus. Furthermore, she hopes she will be able to use the knowledge she has gained in other parts of her life, keep growing her confidence, and hopefully positively impact other people's lives.


Bachelor's degree in Criminology from University of Oslo (Norway) 2012-2015

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