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Madhur Malhotra is an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh who is studying Computer Engineering with an interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Madhur likes to pursue long-term, self-guided projects in order to supplement and enrich his learning experiences in the classroom. One day, Madhur hopes to develop self-learning software solutions that will cure problems in the healthcare and energy industries. In his free time, Madhur enjoys pursuing the arts through graphic and identity design.

Since freshman year, Madhur has gained research experience, volunteered in clinical and non-clinical settings, and pursued academic-related extra curricular activities. In the lab of Dr. Anne M. Robertson, Madhur learned 3D modeling of cranial vasculature and applied the concepts of fluid dynamics to study cranial arteries. While working with Dr. Michael McDowell, Madhur explored cranial aneurysms through an electrical, signal-based perspective. Furthermore, Madhur volunteered in the emergency room at MaGee-Womens Hospital in order to gain first-person insight on the healthcare field. In order to combine his interest in the field of medicine and innovation, and expand on his hobby for art, Madhur led the Art Direction of a campus publication known as the Pitt Pulse and transformed the magazine to inspire young undergraduates pursuing the pre-health tracks. In addition, Madhur gained administrative level experience by leading the endorsements campaign of the Bridges slate in their quest to become the leaders of the student government board at Pitt. These diverse set of experiences are what make Madhur a unique, dynamic leader who is ready to transform the innovation landscape at the University of Pittsburgh.

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