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Madeline Horinek, MJ for short, is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student at the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is studying Mechanical Engineering with the intent to pursue graduate studies. MJ has been interested in engineering and design thinking since childhood, she was (and is) always curious. Driven by curiosity and the desire to invent, MJ found a niche for herself in the Prototyping Club at UWM.

As a freshman she made valuable connections and familiarized herself with the Makerspace at UWM. As a sophomore she became president of the club and has been driven to inspire others to find their spark for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. MJ also joined the Student Startup Challenge at UWM in order to further develop methods of improving the Makerspace on campus, and pursue her own startup business. When MJ is not in class, at Prototyping Club, or working on her startup business and the Makerspace improvements, she is participating in undergraduate research with a faculty mentor at UWM, and in partnership with Stanford.

MJ is driven by her desire to improve the world for everyone, whether it be by providing others an inspirational role model, inventions, or any other way possible. She is enthusiastic and optimistic, and will not stop in the pursuit of her goals until she attains them.

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