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Lydia Abebe
School (Cohort)
University of Tulsa (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Quantitative Economics
United States


I entered freshman year Pre-Med with an Economics major. Family dinner was spent overhearing my parents debrief patient complications they saw that day. Family friends would join the dinner table and add to the healthcare-related conversations. The accumulation of hours discussing medicine over dinner influenced my choice of practicing medicine. On the other hand, my curiosity about how humans made decisions to optimize their utility led to my interest in economics. After hours of shadowing and two years of pre-med, I realized I dont like the day to day of a physician. I enjoyed analyzing problems and phenomena through an analytical lens, so I decided to concentrate on Econometrics/Data Science with my Economics background. I hope to leverage my analytical background in the Public Policy world.


- As president of the Studnet Economics Association (SEA), I have organized and led interdisciplinary discussions at TU about current problems/phenomena. I plan to continue cultivating those conversations across disciplines.

- As founder and Director of Research at TU Business Society, I hope to allow students to exercise their research and analytical skills by writing and publishing articles about phenomena around us through an academic lens.

- Phi Theta Kappa

- Carnegie Mellon PPIA Public Service Weekend Fellow

- CFA Research Challenge (Analyst)

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