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Lucia Casadei Parlanti is currently a junior, pursuing a Business degree at Menlo College in Atherton, California. Originally born in Rimini, Italy she moved in the US for her undergraduate

studies to experience a different style of education.

She is actively involved in on-campus activities through outdoor and finance club, she is also working as librarian and taking many opportunities here at Menlo. Lucia is a hardworking, outgoing, adventurous and organize student. She is interested in venture capital, corporate finance, and financial analysis as well as increasing her networking in the business world.

Thanks to her multicultural experience Lucia has become a real world citizen able to speak almost 4 languages. Having grow up in Italy,  she loves being surrounded by people, sunshine and pasta. She is mostly passionate about traveling, sustainability, sports and her family. Also, her passion of helping others makes her constantly looking for volunteer activities.